Aug 012015

A year ago I broke my collarbone.

Between then and now an awful lot of things have happened.

Initially the doctors thought I did not need surgery, but within a week I was suddenly recovering from having a operation to put a plate and six screws in place to hold the broken bones together.

Not long after this I started physiotherapy, but it was excruciatingly painful, so I got a second opinion, my new doctor recognised that I needed a second surgery to replace a the overly long screws and to see if he could get any more movement into my shoulder.

This was arranged and suddenly I was back in recovery.

Not long after that I was back in therapy.

Obviously this would not last, there was still something wrong, so the third surgery removed the plate and the screws.

This procedure was probably the most risky, because with no support and a row of ventilation holes, my collarbone was especially susceptible to damage.

More physical therapy followed and indeed continues to this day.

Two weeks ago I finally got a cheque to cover the damage to my bike and some of my expenses.

I still lack mobility in my shoulder and my fine motor control is messed up too.

But I am getting better and I have managed to get back on my bike……

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