Mar 022010

My father sent me an e-mail earlier today to thank me for the parcel that I sent to him.

I sent it on Friday afternoon.

It is now Tuesday.

My father lives several thousand miles away, back in the UK.

I sent the parcel via USPS, first class international. This is astoundingly fast, mail does not travel across the state that quickly, I have mailed things in Orange County and they have taken close to a week to travel 100 miles, I find it incredible that a small parcel can go so far, so quickly.

Sure it was not cheap, the postage was something like twice the cost of the contents, but we chose the cheapest option. On the news this morning a story was running regarding the problems that the post office is having,  mostly my experiences have been poor, tardy delivery service and slightly helpless staff, but their ability to deliver a package several thousand miles in just a few days shows that when they really try, they are brilliant. So, hats off to USPS, for once.

Oh and for the curious, I sent four packs of flavored coffee-mate to my father as he got addicted to the stuff when he visited and has been unable to find it in the UK…..

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  1. Blimey! I sent a brooch to Pittsburgh nearly 2 months ago and it still hasn’t arrived… I fear it lost 🙁 The record for Italy – US is 5 days. As long as I don’t ship as registered mail, it’s fairly quick!

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