Nov 012016

I am not going to get an iPhone 7.

This is weird for me, because almost every year since the very first iPhone came out, I have caved in and bought one within a few weeks/days/hours of its release. Worse still my entire personal computing infrastructure is built around Apple products. I have a MacBook Air, an iPad, iPhone and even an Apple watch.

So, I hear you ask, why not an iPhone 7 if you have had near all of the predecessors ?

Well it is complicated, but to put it succinctly, I do not want one because it is not really enough of an upgrade to my now, two years old, iPhone 6.

That the 7 does not get a headphone socket is pretty much immaterial, I often use bluetooth headphones and the old wired ones I have are generally not really going to last much longer. It has a way better camera, but frankly the photos taken on my current phone are perfectly acceptable, even bordering on awesome.

No, the problem is that Apple have totally failed to fix the screen/size issues with the 6.

BezelsThe size of the iPhone 6/6S/7 is identical and is pretty nice. It fits in my pocket nicely. But the screen is tiny compared to the overall size of the device. I have an old Samsung Galaxy Note3 which is really not much bigger, but because the bezels are tiny on that, the screen to size ratio is way better. The photo on the right shows the two devices side-by-side with the same site displayed in a browser.

The iPhone 6 is 138 x 67mm with a 4.7″, 1334×750 screen.

The Note 3 is 151x79mm with a 5,7″ 1920×1080 screen.

The Note 3 is 13mm taller and 12mm wider, yet packs a considerably bigger screen.

For comparison, the iPhone 6+ is 158 x 78mm with a 5.5″ 1920×1080 screen. This is a shade bigger than the Note3, yet has a smaller screen.

What I had hoped for with the iPhone 7 was that they would re-design it somewhat so that the screen was bigger compared to the case, Perhaps cramming a 5″ screen in a case about the size of the 6, or maybe going up to a 5.7-6″ screen in the plus.

But no, in what I see as a crazy move, they shipped the exact same size and shape (plus/minus a couple of tenths of millimetres) phone as the iPhone 6, only with better innards, a better camera, a fixed home button and no headphone socket. This seems utterly crazy to me.

Really the iPhone 7 is, in my view simply an iPhone 6SS or 6GT, or 6 Turbo.

I’ll not be spending money on one….

Now if Apple want to release an iPhone 8 next year, which has slimmer bezels and a screen size that is comparable to my old Note3, then I will be spending money on it, quickly. If not, well, the feature set has to be way more compelling than the iPhone 7’s.

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