Mar 242010

Today is the last day of my enforced ‘vacation’, I have an official start date of ‘Thursday” for my new job.

It has been a bit of an adventure to say the least. The day before the lay-off I applied for a job at a company that is fairly close to my old office, the position sounded interesting and the company looks strong and forward thinking. I heard nothing. I interviewed elsewhere and found that although there are jobs out there, there are few that really excited me. In the suddenly busy days and changed routines I completely forgot about the job that I had applied for.

Now at this point I suggest that you read back a little more, one of the first things I did when faced with job hunting was to re-write my resume. The prior version was rambling and full of way too many detailed descriptions. I read somewhere that the average recruiter will merely glance at a resume and scan it for applicable skills, so the absolute best way to get their attention is to use simple, short, concise prose and perhaps lots of bullets. Knowing that given the chance I can sit and write a novel when a simple yes/no is needed, you can probably understand when I say that my resume was more like a bound volume than a couple of page introduction to my career.

So I carefully re-wrote it and created a format that I felt was eye catching enough to get noticed, but not so much that it was for all the wrong reasons, I did leave out the fluffy bunnies, but the cool font and clever layout remained. I had a set of great interviews at a small company that I felt went well, but no offer other than ‘you are #1’ was forthcoming, they expanded their search, but I remained #1, but they are still looking elsewhere.

The level of interest in my newly concise resume was substantial, quickly, including a call from an agency in Florida. I nearly ignored the message because I did not understand half of it – a combination of a quick talker and a bad line nearly conspired to kill it dead.

As soon as I spoke to the caller, Donna, I realized that this was a very, very good opportunity and potentially a very, very good fit. I e-mailed her a clean version of my resume and then things started to happen, quickly.

At some point I realized that I had applied for this job about a month previous !

I interviewed on the phone a couple of days later and once more felt that the opportunity was extremely good. I also felt that I had ‘clicked’. Very quickly I was called in and spent several hours over two days talking with potential colleagues. Then it was a question of getting the offer out and accepted and background checks etc.

So I start tomorrow, which is great. I have spent way too much time fiddling with the suspension on the MINI and re-writing css for my web sites and changing hosts for….

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