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Every year I try to predict the F1 season, this year I think I will go public with those predictions.

Lets get the big predictions out of the way up-front.

The 2010 Championship will go down to the wire between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, these two are the only truly top flight contenders with experience of their respective teams. of the other contenders, Alonso and Schumacher are both new to their teams and will struggle at times when their expectations are not fully realized, Webber is not up to Vettel’s standards, nor is Massa and Button is really a rank outsider in a new team. So it will go down the wire to Hamilton and Vettel. Of the two it probably comes down to a combination of their experience and the team’s ability to give them the car to do the job. having flipped a coin I say Vettel will get it done, but not by very much.

2010 Champion – Sebastian Vettel

The team title is tough too, with fours top teams that all stand a decent chance, for once there are four teams in the hunt too, Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari and Mercedes. Again RedBull have the continuity advantage, Mclaren have two champions, Mercedes have Schumacher and Ferrari have Alonso and Massa. Personally I feel that Mercedes do not have the strength of team to win, sure Schumacher may win races, but Rosberg has not show enough himself to be consistently good enough in my view. The same goes for Massa. Which brings us to McLaren. Button is fast when everything is running his way, but as soon as something is wrong he stops trying and falls out of the points. Webber too is inconsistent and can be an accident magnet at time. Going out on a limb though I think that the constructors title can only have one of two possible homes, Red Bull or Ferrari. Assuming the Massa/Alonso relationship can be managed, Ferrari will do it, Massa needs to impress as it is contract time too, so…..

2010 Constructors – Ferrari

Best of the rest. This is interesting because the top four teams are pretty solid and fairly ‘obvious’, the rest of the pack is a lot more difficult to call. Renault stand out as being a wild card, Williams have changed dramatically and then there is Force India. In 2009 they came good, really, really, truly good due to shrewd choices and a very tidy car, 2010 could be the year that we see they establish a place at the head of the midfield. No other team stands out like they do, way too many things have changed and yet Force India have a certain amount of continuity and daring in their approach.

2010 Best of the rest – Force India

2010 sees a number of new teams attempting to make it onto the grid, Virgin, Lotus and Campos HRT will all make an appearance on Sunday, will them show well or will they flounder ? Who will be the best of the newbies ? In my view it has to be Lotus, HRT has not turned a wheel in anger yet, Virgin appear to be fast and fragile, Lotus appear to have problems, HRT are a joke thus far. Lotus have the better drivers and the better infrastructure, at the end of the season Lotus will have more points.

2010 Newbies – Lotus

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