Feb 202010

I think it rained all night last night. When I looked out of the window at 4AM it was torrential and I figured that there would be no Cars and Coffee event this morning. so I went back to sleep.

At 6AM though I was wide awake and it had stopped raining.

By 6:40 I had left the house and emerged into a cloudy but drying morning on my way to Cars and Coffee

The event was Jaguar focused this morning – hence my photo of a Porsche 911 GT3RS

No, really there were a lot of Jaguars there, some of them were way more show worthy than others though, but on a damp and cool (think June day in England) there were so few participants that it did not really matter if the cars were show-worthy or not, we all had a good time and that is really how it should be.

As I intimated, there were very few stand-outs this morning.

To check out the pics from the event, head on over to cncpics.

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