May 252016

As regular readers will know, on August 1st 2014, an errant driver in a Toyota Aygo hit me while I was riding my bicycle.

The crash was pretty brutal, I broke my collarbone.

The break was a bad one, three surgeries later I am still not fixed.

Today I was seen by the medical assessor who will create the report for the insurance company that will be looking to settle my compensation claim.

This is the final opinion, it has been close to two years, it is time to put this to bed once and for all. 

in the past months my recovery has stalled, I have lost a significant percentage of the range of motion in my left shoulder, it has not magically got better. Things still hurt, often fairly dramatically and rather significantly. I have a big scar that is rather wide, at one end it is utterly numb, in the middle it is hypersensitive.

Added to that scar I have one on the palm of my hand – thanks to the gravel, and one on my shin – thanks to the pedals.

Beyond that things are mostly healed, my big toe is a little painful, my neck spasms occasionally on the right hand side and I have a few other small scars that I am certain did not exist pre-accident.

What this all means is that swimming is hilariously difficult, no backstroke, crawl or butterfly for me, breaststroke sees me gently arc as I attempt straight lines. Riding a bicycle is painful, a mountain bike is probably out of the question, sadly and even things as simple as carrying a backpack can cause me to let out a yelp of pain.

To think that this is it, to think that I will get no better, is one thing.

To have a professional assessor tell me is a whole order or two worse.

I will probably not get any better, this, my friends, is it.

Bum Hats !

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