Jan 212015

As I have posted elsewhere on this blog, I was knocked off my bike on August 1st.

Since then, I have gone through two surgeries to repair my collarbone.

My recovery is progressing slowly, some days I think that I am not getting any better, other days I realise that it is less painful nowadays than it was, say, a month ago.

Then I move awkwardly, my muscles spasm and I have pain tearing up my upper arm and my shoulder and tears in my eyes.

The current status is that I have seriously restricted movement in my left shoulder.

Standing straight up, I can raise my arm forwards to about 80*, I can get to about 60* sideways and maybe 10* backwards. When I reach those limits, I get significant muscle spasms in my upper arm and a  sharp pain that stretches from my left ear to my elbow.

Obviously I try not to move my arm too far.

Since I last updated my blog, the physiotherapist referred me back to the surgeon as the pain was getting worse and the exercises did not seem to help.

Following that visit I had an MRI scan. This shows that their is a significant inflammation in the muscle and nerve tunnel underneath my collarbone. This may be due to the original screws in the plate being a tad long, or it could simply be because of muscle tearing in the accident.

The specialist injected ‘something to help’ into the cavity and it has helped, a little.

Sadly this is not the magical cure though.

At least not yet. The next step is to have more X-ray’s in March with a view to removing the plate as soon as is practical.

with regards to the plate, I have come to really hate it, it bugs me, I find it irritating and I want to scratch the skin around it. Unfortunately much of the skin around it has little or no feeling. which makes it all a tad frustrating.

I also went to see an insurance injuries assessor, he confirmed that my collarbone was broken and that I now have a 6″ scar that ‘is likely to be permanent’ and that I have much reduced range of movement.

The driver that hit me is in court on Jan 29th, I am looking forwards to seeing the outcome of that too.

I go back to physical therapy in February.

In general things are not as bad as they were in December, I am in less day-to-day pain. But I keep finding that I have to compensate for my shoulder. Travelling on the tube with a bag is hell – I cannot put the bag on my left shoulder, so it has to stay on my right shoulder, I also need to use my right arm for bracing against the movement. It is not too bad on a quiet train, but on a busy one full of commuters it gets bad because I cannot cope with the jostling that I get.

I also occasionally get stuck trying to get a jacket or coat on and off. This is the cause of much hilarity. I simply cannot move my shoulder enough to shrug it enough to help. I have a hell of a fun time with tee shirts, especially if I go to the gym etc.

I am yet to ride my bike since the crash, I have sat on it a few times and practised putting my weigh on the bars, I have also been to spin class a couple of times and apart from suffering with some sections, I feel like I might just be able to ride assuming I make a few adjustments.

All in all, I am frustrated that my progress is not faster, but at least it is in the right direction….

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