Apr 302015

I’ve just reached a landmark, I can now raise my left arm one hundred and thirty-five degrees. This means that I ‘only’ have 45Ëš or so to go.

It has taken a lot of time and a lot of pain to get to this point. I have weekly physical therapy sessions and do several exercises a couple of times a day.

Physiotherapy is horrible, it is painful and difficult and I almost have to drag myself to my appointment each week. I hate it. However my mobility is improving each week and at some stage I expect that I will regain something close to a full range of movement.

There is not really a lot of news on the accident claim at the moment, my solicitor, the excellent Jonathan Lear submitted a claim for the damages and the expenses that I have incurred to date recently. At some point I expect that I will get a cheque for that.

Meanwhile I have stripped my bike down to a bare frame so that I can replace the damaged parts and get it powder coated to cover up the damaged paint.

In order that I can continue to ride, I have built up another frame and used many of the parts from my single-speed to make it all work for the moment.



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