Jan 232013

As of this morning I am down to 218lbs – for my British friends that is 15st 8. This means that my BMI is down to 28.

At 6-2 and 218lbs I am merely overweight, rather than obese.

This is pretty significant as my progress over Christmas was inthe wrong direction, from December 6th to January 8th I went from 219 to 225 and then back to 221. The last two weeks have seen me back on track, losing 1.5lbs per week on average. I over ate all holiday season, but I continued my fitness regime.

My target of ‘about 185’ remains in place, I have lost about 33lbs (2 stone 5) and I have another 33 to go, so I am, I guess, half way to my target.

While being ‘merely half way’ after all of these months of watching what I eat and working out on a regular basis may seem a little sad, I feel like I am much further towards my goal that the scale actually tells me.

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Sep 062012

I have been slowly gaining weight for the past few years going from about 210lbs in 2000 all the way up to a not so comfortable 250lbs recently.

I have tried eating a little less and I have tried going to the gym on occasions.

I ride a bicycle too, but nothing was working – the weight continued to accumulate.

In a recent photo I barely look like ‘me’. I look like a fat guy with a bad haircut and a misguided moustache.

I pass that photo on the stairs every day.
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