Oct 162013

I see lots of people pontificating about some new wondrous diet or other and how they have lost endless weight by following them. There are some seriously strange ones that are popular at the moment too.

I may have eaten too many pies

You may have eaten too many pies

I also see endless people hopping from faddy diet to plain weird diet and failing to lose any weight at all. Or more often, losing a bit, then putting it all back on again and again.

Here is the secret.….

If you are over-weight and you want to weigh less, eat less food and burn more calories.

It is actually that simple.

Your body needs food in order to function, but if you over-feed it, then it turns the excess food into fat and stores it for use later.

If you consistently over-feed your body, you will continue to add to the fat stores.

When you move around, when you heart beats, when you are awake, when you are asleep, your body uses energy. If there is not enough food available to burn, then those reserves of fat are raided.

Again though, if there is more food available than you need, then the excess is added to the fat stores.

Depending on how old you are, what sex you are, how much you weigh and how active you are on a daily basis, your body will burn a reasonably calculable amount of calories.

For example, At my age, given my relatively sedentary lifestyle and my current weight, I need around 2500kcals per day on average to maintain my weight. Continue reading “The Top Secret Weight Loss Formula.” »

Jan 232013

As of this morning I am down to 218lbs – for my British friends that is 15st 8. This means that my BMI is down to 28.

At 6-2 and 218lbs I am merely overweight, rather than obese.

This is pretty significant as my progress over Christmas was inthe wrong direction, from December 6th to January 8th I went from 219 to 225 and then back to 221. The last two weeks have seen me back on track, losing 1.5lbs per week on average. I over ate all holiday season, but I continued my fitness regime.

My target of ‘about 185’ remains in place, I have lost about 33lbs (2 stone 5) and I have another 33 to go, so I am, I guess, half way to my target.

While being ‘merely half way’ after all of these months of watching what I eat and working out on a regular basis may seem a little sad, I feel like I am much further towards my goal that the scale actually tells me.

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Sep 062012

I have been slowly gaining weight for the past few years going from about 210lbs in 2000 all the way up to a not so comfortable 250lbs recently.

I have tried eating a little less and I have tried going to the gym on occasions.

I ride a bicycle too, but nothing was working – the weight continued to accumulate.

In a recent photo I barely look like ‘me’. I look like a fat guy with a bad haircut and a misguided moustache.

I pass that photo on the stairs every day.
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