Feb 282010

Due to inclement weather yesterday, Cars and Coffee was ‘rained out’, or at least we all assumed it was.

Baby Enzo

When I grow up....

So, in order to get my weekly fix of automotive eye candy I decided to attend ‘Supercar Sunday’ in Woodland Hills. Despite looking up the directions, I did not really comprehend just how far away it actually is. When I looked I noticed the estimated time, rather than the mileage. The estimate was something over an hour and the event is scheduled to run from 7AM to 10AM.

No Problem I thought, on a Sunday morning the traffic will be light, I can leave home at 6:45 and probably be there not much after 7:30.

Yeah right.

I did actually jump into Vlad (The Chevy Impala) at a little after 6:45, I had to stop for gas ($50) and coffee so I did not reach the freeway until just a little after 7AM.

Vlad's Dash

Comfortable and unobtrusive

Setting the cruise control to ‘comfortable and unobtrusive’, which translates to ‘about 70-75mph’ I headed north.

My assumption that there would be little traffic was at least pretty accurate, until I reached Hollywood. Yes I had not realized that Woodland Hills is north of Hollywood !

Of course once I was close to the event and the clock was close to 8AM, it was obvious that I was in the correct place, how many times do you see a Ferrari TR512, a Porsche 928 a Diablo and an Enzo running nose-to-tail ?

Parking was no problem, I parked right next to my friend Leo, who only tentatively mentioned that he may be going….

The event its self however was different to any event I have been to in a long time. It was commercial and random at the same time, several vendors were selling items ranging from Ferrari ‘gear’ where a tee-shirt runs you $99 ! to a Ferrari branded carbon fiber keyfob for an astonishing $339. Plus tax. Other vendors were a lot more reasonable, tee-shirts for the event and many other carbon/billet/polished items could be purchased fairly inexpensively. I came close to spending money on a number of things, but common sense prevailed.

The event was also the first outing of my new Canon G10, in use it is extremely responsive and the quality of the images appears to be first class.

Take a wander over to cncpics.com and see for yourself.

It was apparently Ferrari day today, with a large number of F-cars turning up gleaming in the morning sun, mostly red, mostly ‘late model’ and all highly desirable, if you like that sort of thing. Personally I was a little disappointed not to see a section of vintage models, but I do understand the appeal of the 3xx and 4xx series.

The rest of the lot was a mish-mash of old and new, tuner, custom, survivor and replicar, much more my sort of thing 🙂

I enjoyed the event and will go again, but the 160 mile round-trip is probably more than I will want to do every month…

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