Aug 312013

Some time ago I bought a single-speed bike.

I love the idea of a simple, honest bike that needs little maintenance and is easy and simple to ride.

[EMAREN] the bicycle

[EMAREN] the bicycle

So I bought a nice, SE Racing, Draft. It was pretty nice, a steel frame, coaster brake (no hand brakes), nice, simple, easy.

Except that I realized that I did not really like the coaster brake, several very near misses later I added decent brakes to it. which lead to lighter wheels.

This changed the dynamics of the bike.

Some Aero Bull-horn bars with a double layer of cork tape, a carbon seat post with a decent seat made it ever lighter and faster…

The latest changes have seen the crappy original bottom bracket replaced with a nice Shimano unit and the steel crankset replaced with a polished alloy FSA unit.

I added some nice custom graphics as the bike is no longer an SE Draft, it is an [EMAREN] branded bike now 🙂

So, how does it ride now ?

It is fast, but I spin-out at 26mph now. I might have to change the gearing to 44T/15T vs the current 44T/16T. The 16T is pretty much a standard though, so 15T cogs tend to be a special order. Perhaps I will see how it goes on longer rides.

I am pretty happy with it….

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