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2015-03-02 13.53.37This update is a tad late, because it has been ten days since seven-month anniversary of my crash.

Quite a lot has happened in the last month, previously I noted that I went through a third surgery, this time to remove the plate and screws as they were giving me a lot of pain and limiting my movement rather badly. This surgery went very well and apart from some minor complications, I am pretty happy with the outcome.

The last week has seen two physical therapy sessions with Steve Oakley at the Spire Health centre. in the first one he massaged my shoulder to the point of pain, then lifted my arm towards vertical (from lying down), this was extremely painful, but very promising as I had not been able to move my arm that far since the crash.

Steve gave me a set of exercises to do daily, so each time I have made tea, I have worked through the exercises. Each day I have found that I can move a little more before the pain really is too much. 

This morning I saw Steve again and after the customary prodding and pushing on my shoulder, he was able to move my arm beyond vertical, to the point where I was actually touching the pillow behind my head with my hand (bent arm, obviously). This is a considerable step forwards, it means that I am up to about 105* movement – which is about 15* or so better than last week.

I hope that when I update this next month that I am able to say that I am able to raise my arm to 180*.

In general my shoulder is way better than it has been at any point since the crash, I have less pain, more movement and apart from it being very stiff and sore in the mornings, I am not really finding it too difficult to live with.

If it got no better, I would cope. I would not be happy, but I would be able to cope.

2015-03-11 10.32.55I have continued to cycle, I replaced the tyres on my bike (one was damaged, one worn), re-wrapped the handlebars and fixed the majority of the damage. I still need to get a new saddle as I do not have a spare and the current ‘tape it together’ fix will not hold for long.

The list of broken pieces replaced and the list of other expenses has finally been submitted to my solicitor. I am hopeful that this will be accepted and refunded in due course.

So, all in all, I’m feeling very optimistic at the moment.

I also really like my bike’s new look.


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