Feb 242016

Leader of the Pack.The working title for my game is ‘Lane Splitaz’.

The game itself is fairly simplistic, you are the rider of a moped and you have to split the lanes of traffic under a variety of conditions against the clock….

Level 1 – The easy intro.

Bike – 50cc scooter, no mirrors.
Traffic – Entirely stationary cars
Gaps – about 2M wide

The only difficult section here is that you pretty much have to be totally flat out the whole time to reach the end of the course. 

Level 2 – Moving traffic

Bike – 50cc scooter, no mirrors
Traffic – Cars moving slowly – 3-5mph
Gaps – Vary slightly between 1.5M and 2M

Again you are against the clock, the trick on the level is to anticipate the gaps and not worry too much.

Obviously as the levels increase, then so goes the difficulty. Level 5 will see the introduction of ‘The Blocker’, a BMW X5 driven by a pompous assclown who is on the phone. At random they will move over to almost entirely block the gaps. The trick here is to brake, swing around the other side and zoom back into your lane.

Level 10 sees the Foreign Truck. Beware the Polish registration plates, they make the gaps smaller and often stop for a chat with their countrymen, blocking the gap entirely.

Completing each level brings rewards, the faster you get through the level and the more door mirrors you collect, the more you can upgrade your bike or your protective gear.

  • Faster bikes are wider, which means that you are slower through narrow gaps, but you can really move fast when the gaps are big.
  • More protective gear means that collecting door mirrors does not slow you down as much.

Once you reach level 20, you can weaponise your bike, laser guided missiles that lock onto BMW’s, Heat seeking missiles that look for big diesel engines a grenade launcher to obliterate the Hyundai estates that get in the way. The best weapon though is the highly focused Electromagnetic Pulse gun that destroys all phones that are being used by drivers for texting, FaceTime, hangouts and browsing porn within 300M.

I’m not sure how many levels there are, but the final level sees the rider on a huge, weaponised bike, trying to split lanes between hoards of X5’s, Hyundai estate cars and Polish lorries. I doubt that it will be possible to complete it……

(unless of course you switch back to the Scooter)


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