Sep 062012

I have been slowly gaining weight for the past few years going from about 210lbs in 2000 all the way up to a not so comfortable 250lbs recently.

I have tried eating a little less and I have tried going to the gym on occasions.

I ride a bicycle too, but nothing was working – the weight continued to accumulate.

In a recent photo I barely look like ‘me’. I look like a fat guy with a bad haircut and a misguided moustache.

I pass that photo on the stairs every day.

The haircut and the moustache were easy to fix.

The weight is less easy.

I made many excuses for not dealing with it, I knew deep down that the only way to deal with it was to join a gym, engage the help of a personal trainer and cut down what I eat a little.

Finally in July I checked in at LA fitness. My official weigh in was 250.1lbs. My BMI was an embarrassing 318.8 (very overweight) and my Body fat percentage was 30.9 (obese).

Each friday at 6AM I meet my trainer for 55 minutes of hell. We plank and lunge and lift weights and generally exercise muscles that I never even knew existed. He talks of core strength and of balanced workouts.

I ride my bicycle or work out again on a Sunday, then Monday and Wednesday evenings I head back to the gym. 40-60 minutes of cardio and random weights and core strengthening exercises finish off my routine.

I track everything I eat and drink, plus my cardio workouts, using an app called ‘myfitnesspal’.

I stay under the net calorie goal of 1700 calories per day.

In july I set two goals to achieve by Christmas 2012

1) Get back to a 34 pant size – back then the 38’s were rather too tight.
2) Change my shape to something respectable.
3) lose about 1-1.5lbs / week over about 20 weeks. aiming for 220ish, maybe a little less.

Two months later……

I am back to 36’s, they are comfortable and bordering on loose – According to my belts I am down about three inches off my waist. According to the tape measure I am down nine inches off my belly.

My shape has certainly changed, but I still have some way to go…

I weigh 231.5lbs as of this morning. That is 18.6lbs lost in 56 days or 8 weeks, better than my 1.5lbs pounds per week target.

My body fat percentage is down from 30.9 to 23.7. This puts me at the high end of average and no longer obese…..

My BMI is down to 29.8, no longer obese, just merely overweight.

I really could not do this on my own,

There are currently just fifteen weeks to Christmas, if I manage to lose 1.5lbs / week I could be under 210lbs for the first time in many years.

Wish me luck !

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