Feb 032013

Yesterday a friend posted a link to a blog entry called ‘So you’re feeling too fat to be photographed . . .’.

All of the comments on the link were overwhelmingly positive.

But to me, the idea that even family and friends will look past the blubber is a little weird. Sure I look at the latest photos of my family and think ‘yeah, its lovely to see them’, but I also think ‘good grief, that loved one has put some pounds on since the last time I saw a photo’ or similar…

I notice and I am sure that I am not alone.

So reassuring fat people that you look great to your family, when, well, you are actually obese, or more, seems wrong.

So I wrote a comment that basically said that I thought that the ‘you look great to your family’ concept was right up there with ‘everybody’s baby is beautiful’ and that rose colored glasses prolong the issues. Simply anyone that is tipping the scales at the obese level (or more) has a much larger chance of running into serious health issues later in life. Fat is not healthy.

I may have also suggested that in pretty much all of the examples, that they looked to me like they all needed to get there fat asses to the gym and stop inhaling calories. But as the thread is long deleted, I cannot exactly remember.

I did have the grace at least to mention that one of my personal motivators on my weight loss journey has been a photo of myself looking rather rotund.

The shit-storm that followed lead to the original poster deleting the thread.

Which is a shame really, because truth is a much better motivator than excuses.

When I was out riding my bicycle earlier, I started to think about it…

One of the most common excuses I hear from those that are obese is that they are big boned. Honestly I always wonder how exactly that explains the spare tire around the belly of these big boned folks, but that is a tad facetious I suppose.

Another one is ‘health issues’. This is really hard to fathom too.Unless they are on a cocktail of medication that contains thousands of calories, again, I see no reason for that spare tire.

There is a super easy calculation that establishes how many calories a day you need to maintain your weight. For me (6-2, 218, Male, 48) and lightly active the magic number is 2650 / day. You can calculate yours here if you want to. But to maintain 218, I need to eat 2650. If I eat more I will gain weight, if I east less I will lose weight. If I want to lose a pound a week I need to eat about 500 less each day, if I want to gain a pound a week, then add 500. My weight is directly tied to this combination of calories in and calories burned. If I eat less, my excess flab is burned. If I eat more, my body, being super clever, stores those extras as fat. Cool huh ?

There are plenty of excuses, but they really are that, excuses.

If you are fat and you are ashamed of being fat, here is a little hint.

Eat less, burn more. 

if you still gain weight, eat even less and burn even more.

There are tons of tools that allow you to track what you eat, use them.

There are also many tools that allow you to figure out your daily burn, again, use them.

It really is not OK to be obese. You run the risk of eating yourself to death in one way or another.

If you are ashamed of your body, here is my simple plan to solve the problem.

Step 1. Admit that you have a problem. This means that you need to stop making excuses and you need to man-up (or woman-up) and say ‘yeah, I need to do something about it’.

Step 2. Get some help. There are hundreds of internet sites that are dedicated to losing weight – pick one.

Step 3. Do not expect a miracle. No diet, no fitness plan, no magic diet pill is going to make you drop your blubber overnight. You need to expect to be in it for the long haul. Some people can lose a pound a week, some can lose a couple. Most will be under a pound a week on average over a year.

Step 4. Do not worry too much about setbacks – It happens to us all, you lose a bunch of weight and then gain some over the holidays or even the weekend. Use those setbacks to fight even harder.

Step 5 – Avoid fad diets. Sure the ‘all fruit all the time’ will probably make you lose some weight, but as soon as you start to eat a normal diet again, you will almost certainly gain it all back. Simply cut back, take the healthier choices.

Finally – if you are still reading this, then you already know what this is. Keep the faith. You can do it, you can fight your way from obese to overweight to normal.

If you need to avoid photos because you are too fat, then I’d suggest not only avoiding them, but also actually doing something about the problem.

If you need to avoid photos because you are too fat and you need to inhale a bucket of Ben and Jerry’s at the thought of being photographed, well, you need to admit that this is a major problem. If you do not want to do anything about the problem, because it is hard work, well, I’m sorry but you are going to pay later with your health.





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