Apr 142010

My current laptop is a fairly old and beaten PowerBook G4 and recently it has been showing signs of age more than ever. I also have an Acer Aspire One Netbook, that runs ChromiumOS, but this is too small to use for anything beyond uber casual surfing.

Desktop computing is handled by an AMD powered, Quad core machine with lots of memory and plenty of disk space that dual boots Vista (ugh) and Linux.

Having migrated my e-mail, contacts and calender to google services I have little need for a ‘local’ e-mail, just a really good browser and access to my domain’s. Or alternatively a really good e-mail program that copes with imap or exchange services.

Chrome browser support would be great, then I get the plethora of pluggins and bookmarks sync, which is something I never knew I wanted, but now cannot imagine life without.

Battery life is not a huge thing to me, but a decent display is. My Powerbook does 1280×854, more screen real estate would be good, or a decent ‘pinch-to-zoom’ would be cool I guess.

Above all else though I want cool, fast, responsive and portable.

Looking at some of the huge laptops that are on the market I really cannot imagine some of those huge tanks sitting on my lap while I surf and watch TV. So that leads me to some of the slim and light machines that are on the market now. Or an iPad…..

As a very long term iPod user and a current iPhone user, the iPad may seem like a slam-dunk, but I am getting more and more uneasy with the Apple approach at the moment.

My iPhone is not jailbroken at the moment, it locked up solid and got stuck in an infinite loop and the only recovery was to upgrade it to OS 3.1.3. I miss several things, notifier being the major one, but also the freedom to theme it, skin it, goof with it and otherwise run crazy unapproved applications. Like, oh, I dunno, Google Voice.

Which brings me back around to my current personal google applications usage.

I use gmail for my e-mail, on my own domains (including this one), simply because it is incredibly fast and gives me push e-mail, contact and calendar sync and a 7GB mailbox. Sure I could pay $100 a year and get a similar service from Apple, but I am happy.

Apple have declared war on Google.

Google Voice will never be seen on the iPhone as far as I can see, which is pathetic, I love google voice.

Given this war, I am having doubts that the iPad will be for me.

Then there is the Apple vs Adobe fight that is brewing. I do not care that my iPhone does not support flash. Well I do not care too much unless I am trying to view a flash-only site on my phone and then it is annoying, but in general I do not worry about it.

But not having Flash support on my ‘sofa computer’ might be a deal breaker.

Oh and how about silverlight support ?

Will the iPad support future standard that emerge ?

If I get a laptop it will, this is a virtual guarantee, whatever OS I choose, Win7, OSX or Linux, they all support virtually everything. More than that I can run anything I want on them. The iPad is a closed system, only approved applications will run, only approved pluggins are available, no Flash, no unapproved ‘junk’.

I already find this marginally frustrating on my iPhone, can I cope with it on a sofa computer ?

Do I want an iPad ?

Yes I do, but I really doubt that it will fulfill all of my computing needs, I love the format and the concept, but wish it ran android. Pretty much how I currently feel about my iPhone……

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