Mar 172010


Where to begin ?

Because I was in a catch-22 with Go-Daddy, I found a new fast, friendly host and created a new domain. Purely for testing purposes. The idea was that I could setup a clone of and then once it was all working, simply make some dns changes and all would be good.

Behind the scenes of there is a heavily customized version of an off-the-shelf gallery product which uses a mysql database to store data. It is not enough to simply grab a copy of the photographs and install a nice shiney new copy of gallery, because they I would need to add 45,000 photographs to the gallery and this is a heck of a task.

So the three components are the code, the photo’s and the database.

The code and the database are fairly easy to FTP from my old host, but because I am in ‘violation’ I was unable to get to the control panel to backup the databases.

So at 10AM I asked godaddy for a backup of the databases. The third person I spoke to told me that they where doing the job and that they were no ‘all there’. So I FTP’d them to my windows box and tried to upload them to the new host. Sadly there are a few hundred thousand records in some of the tables and the restore failed. So I jumped over to Linux land and found a tool that will no only connect to the remote database, but it will also load the data in much smaller chunks.

The downside is that this takes a long time and if there is any other traffic on the internet it is slower too.

Many hours later the database restore has finished and after a few minor tweeks to a configuration file the site worked.

Except the galleries ended in the middle of November 2009.

The database backup was several months old.

Somehow I was calm when I called godaddy, somehow I persuaded the support rep to snag a new backup and somehow it looks like he did a good job.

I am obviously now a long way behind, I need to leave the database upload running overnight and then most of tomorrow will be taken up with allowing the photographs to upload too.

Then it will be more configuration changes and more tweeking,

Hopefully on Friday I will be able to tell Godaddy that I no longer need their services….

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  1. i am close to calling it quits.

    the backup from godaddy is ‘of use’ but also in possibly the worst possible format for a backup – it is a line-by-line, record-by record version. this will take many, many, many hours to load.

    i am so worn down by this i have no idea how to deal with it.

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