Jan 282016

This is an email that I received from fitness for less a couple of days ago. My immediate response was that this was a very poor phishing attempt that probably used a PDF vulnerability.

Curiousity got the better of me though, because I remember getting an emai form the gym last year about an extra payment that was for ‘gym improvements’.

I cloned and then fired up a virtual machine that was pretty much disposable  and forwarded the email to it.

The pdf was a legitimate one. They were informing me that they are taking a couple of extra ££’s this month.

There are a lot of things wrong here.

The email checked pretty much every known box when looking for suspicious emails.

Fitness for less know my name, yet nothing was personalised.

The email contained nothing at all of value, if you wanted to find out the details you have to open the PDF.

The phraseology feels awkward.

So I replied to the email . I explained that I was not going to open the pdf. I told them that it looked like spam and a very amateurish phishing attempt.

Sadly they just sent me a wall of copy pasted text explaining that they had invested £100k in the website And the payment that they are taking would do towards that.

It’s a shame that they did not spend a few ££s on a decent CRM system that was capable of spitting out personalise emails.

I wonder how many people disregarded the email and are now wondering why their bank account is a little short ??

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Sep 222015
Yes, I look ridiculous, that is the idea

Yes, I look ridiculous, that is the idea

Last year I was unable to take part in the Tweed ride due to circumstances beyond my control.

This year I decided that I would do it one way or another. I was so determined that I started to look for tweed in January !

Initially I wanted to get a delivery bike, something old, maybe a butchers’ bike or similar. Back in April 2015 the only ones that I could find were very expensive and looked terrible. I realised at this point that whatever I got would require a lot of work.

So, I decided to build something.

Deciding to build a bike was the easy part, deciding what to build was a completely different thing all together.

I took a look at the photos from previous years and it seemed that many people barely bothered about the bike, there were people on mountain bikes and retro styled new bikes. One bike that seriously caught my eye was a Pashley Guvnor. Certainly a beautiful bike, but at £900 it was way out of my price range.  Continue reading “The Tweed Ride bike 2015” »

Dec 232009

I get in trouble a lot because I have very little faith in others.

I tend to ‘assume the worst’ because my experience is that in general, people are not really that nice.

Case in point……

On Tuesday (yesterday as I write this) PJ called me, in tears, her car was ‘broken’. Eventually she managed to explain that she had parked in the local CostCo parking lot and when she got back to her car found that someone had crashed into her car. They had not stayed, nor left details, nor even a ‘sorry’ note.

They mashed the rear fender and rear lights on the passenger side. Luckily I was off today so I knew that I would be able to assist with the insurance / rental car / repair shop stuff. In order to do so I went to the mall early to get my final couple of pieces of Christmas shopping before the rush started.

When I got back to the MINI there was broken mirror glass and bits of plastic on the tarmac…….

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