Nov 162015

James Bond movies are generally fun to watch, but since just after Roger Moore took over the reigns from Sean Connery, they devolved into a gadget-strewn mess. It was obvious that the gadget that Q had demonstrated at around the 22 minute mark would get Bond out of a fix at the 55 minute mark. It was also a forgone conclusion that the sleek sports car that he was driving would have a number of tricks up its sleeve, but would ultimately get destroyed.

To me, the simplicity of ‘Dr. No’ and the style and sophistication of ‘From Russia with Love’ were simply never matched in later films. I understand that the world turns and moves on and that a spy that operated with such panache in the 60’s would be expected to wear flares in the late 70 and to trade his Rolex Submariner in for a Seiko digital, but it all seemed somewhat unbecoming.  Continue reading “S.P.E.C.T.R.E” »

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