Feb 182010

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My faithful old Canon G7  died an unspectacular death recently. The poor thing died in its sleep one day, I assume it was a painless death. It was heavily used, but still in very nice condition.

The great thing about the G7 was always its speed and ability, with results that were virtually indistinguishable from a DSLR and really great image stabilization it was pretty much perfect for ‘better than casual’ photography where the bulk and ‘look at me factor’ of a DSLR was simply not an option.

The later G9 was barely an upgrade, but the G10 and then subsequent G11 are much better in all regards.  Selling a number of photographs, a couple of which were taken with the G7, this week tipped my decision. Rather than replace it with a smaller Canon, I would get it fixed.

So this morning I went to the Canon service center in Irvine, CA to see if it could be resurrected.

Sadly not. or at least not without a cost. $139 is the standard ‘fix it’ charge for the camera. I was very, very tempted, the camera is very good, apart from the not-working aspect. But then the up-sell, for only a few dollars more,  Canon have a ‘loyalty’ scheme, which allows you to buy deeply discounted ‘refurbished’ cameras. The natural upgrade from the G7 is a G10.

The G10 has a lot more megapixals, which is probably not good. 10mb images vs 15mb ones will eat SD cards for breakfast, but it also has a wider angle lens. The G7 is a 35-210mm (inc digital zoom), the G10 starts at 28mm. It may not sound a lot of difference, but for automotive work it is much better. Sure I would be happier if it was 24mm, but I will settle for that.

Add in raw support and a better image processing engine and I am sold.

So, for a few dollar$ more a refurbed Canon G10 is now in a Fedex package and is heading my way. I will get it on Tuesday…

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