Jan 232013

As of this morning I am down to 218lbs – for my British friends that is 15st 8. This means that my BMI is down to 28.

At 6-2 and 218lbs I am merely overweight, rather than obese.

This is pretty significant as my progress over Christmas was inthe wrong direction, from December 6th to January 8th I went from 219 to 225 and then back to 221. The last two weeks have seen me back on track, losing 1.5lbs per week on average. I over ate all holiday season, but I continued my fitness regime.

My target of ‘about 185’ remains in place, I have lost about 33lbs (2 stone 5) and I have another 33 to go, so I am, I guess, half way to my target.

While being ‘merely half way’ after all of these months of watching what I eat and working out on a regular basis may seem a little sad, I feel like I am much further towards my goal that the scale actually tells me.

The first few pounds were actually very easy, going from sedentary to active and from ‘eat everything’ to a more balanced approach meant that I instantly lost perhaps ten pounds of weight. These were easy pounds. The next ten took a lot more effort, but because I was in the right mode, they dropped off. By the time I hit 230lbs (16st 6), I felt like I was on the home straight. Suddenly my pants were loose and my cardio ability had increased hugely.

The pounds from 230 to 220 have been really hard. Mostly because of the holiday season and sickness. I picked up a sinus infection along the way and I gained back some of the weight I had lost. I found myself fighting for every ounce of loss.

I have been using ‘myfitnesspal‘ to track my food intake and my exercise since I started this quest, but I still found that the recommended calorie count for my level of slothness was too high and my weight loss not as dramatic as expected. I came to the conclusion that I did not have enough technology.

After all, why rely on old proven methods when you can buy a new gadget to track your every move and some how tell you in real time that you really, really need to get off your fat ass and move around a little ?

So I added a fitbit to my arsenal of fitness tracking weapons.

I wear it every day. All day. It monitors my activity and adjusts my calorie limit in real time based on how much I walk around. Some days it tells me that I am borderline comatose and reduces my limit by a couple of hundred calories, other days it tells me that I rock and gives me space for a beer or a cupcake.

So, is it working ?

For me, yes it is, knowing real time, or at least close to real time as the sync via my phone is sometimes a little slow and sloth-like, is valuable to me and it manages to encourage me to do more every day.

So, yes it helps, it makes me move around more and it makes me earn extra calories, so yes it helps.

Today I am 218.

The last time I was 218 was something like four years ago. The last time I was under 210 was about six years ago.

I am getting there slowly.

There is a hidden downside to this loss though, I have so far given about half of my wardrobe to goodwill. I have dropped to comfortable 36’s and am able to wear some of my 34’s already – I need a belt with the 36’s but I need to breath in for the 34’s. All of my XL shirts and tops are now too big. I am now buying L rather than XL. My favorite jackets are too big, my suits hang off me and there is room for an additional person in many  of my clothes it seems.

This is not the downside that it sounds like, it is expensive but a great motivator.

At the gym I have gone from burning 600 calories in an hour on cardio devices to burning 1000+ in any given hour and I can bench-press 140lbs, leg press 600+ and I can do 200 situps in 20 minutes.

Oh and I can run a bit too…..

I feel great and it is only going to get better…..


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