Mar 242016

I used to think that the next American civil war would be caused by an uprising of the great unwashed. The red-necks, the cowboys, the NRA nut jobs and their ilk.

I believed that one day they would all jump in their good old boy F150 pick-ups, loaded up with more ammunition than the average third world militia owned and head to Washington to teach the ‘guvmint’ a lesson.

I imagined that it would be a fairly short, but incredibly bloody confrontation, resulting in perhaps thousands of casualties, perhaps a lot more if the red-necks managed to make a few bombs.

I suspect that the red-necks would become domestic terrorists, protesting government over-reach, protesting laws that protect those that they hate – basically everyone that is not a  white heterosexual male and that the civil war would probably all be over fairly fast.

That was before Trump.

I see now that this can go two ways. 

Way One – Trump gets elected to become President of the USA.  

In this scenario, the red-necks, the racists, the born-again brigade,  the xenophobic assholes and all of the extremist groups get their man into the hot seat.

If you are not a white, American, Christian, Male, then good luck, you are going to need it to survive the presidency. His electoral promises include things like

  • Make America great (F**k-Yeah)
  • Build a wall to keep the rapist Mexicans out
  • Make America Great
  • Repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act
  • Make America Great
  • Build a wall to keep Americans out of Canada or Canadians out, I’m not sure.
  • Make America Great
  • Get non-Christians to register on a watch list
  • Make America Great
  • Slap an import tax on all imported goods
  • Make America Great
  • Overturn Abortion laws (an election promise)
  • Make America Great
  • Get rid of all the non-Christians (another election promise)
  • Make America Great
  • Cut taxes to the rich (election promise)
  • Make America Great

This cannot end well.

The civil war will in this instance will not be the red-necks invading Washington, it will be the educated, the enlightened, the non-racists, the non-whites, pretty much the normal people of America. They will probably have to fight back.

I have no idea how this will shake out, nor do I have any idea which side the Army or the Police forces would fall, or even if either group could realistically be called on to defend either side in such a conflict.

If the unthinkable happens and the Republicans manage to gain control of the Senate, the House and the Supreme Court, all hell could break loose.

Way Two – Trump fails to gets elected to become President of the USA.  But only just.

This is pretty much a repeat of my initial assumptions regarding the future of the US. Trump loses, but not by much. This would indicate that there is a much wider base of racist, xenophobic voters than I originally assumed.

This could lead to a much bigger conflict than a bunch of rednecks invading Washington.

I have no idea just how big this could be, but given the incredible level of support that Trump is garnering, it is obvious that there is a pretty substantial level of support for his viewpoint.

If he fails to win, there could very easily be very large percentage of the US population in ‘revenge mode’.

This could easily be highly bloody……

Defusing the situation could be very tricky, he will have lost because he is a racist, xenophobic blow-hard. But to the audience, he is speaking some truths, foreigners have taken American jobs, cheap imports have taken American jobs, Loss of jobs has affected the American way of life. The logic is hard to fault, especially when you have a sense of entitlement that is cause by the belief in American exceptionalism.

Trump is offering to cut America, white, christian America, off from the world, to build walls and to close borders, to tax imports, to bring back jobs. To the unemployed, to the burger flippers of the world, to those that feel over-taxed, this is awesome.

Trump is promising to repeal ‘Obamacare’, he thinks that it is unfair that everyone should pay for health insurance that they rarely use. Sadly he is not offering anything in its place, so the millions of Americans that used to be uninsured, will again be uninsured and will probably go through a medical bankruptcy if and when something serious happens. Again though, to the great unwashed, this is fantastic news, no longer do they have to pay for something that they only need in an emergency.

If trump fails, then they will really hate that they had this golden chance to change things.

I seriously believe that there could be an uprising, of considerably greater proportions than I believed possible. Pretty much either way.


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