Mar 162010

This morning I sat having coffee with a friend when my phone displayed a voicemail

Hi. This is Amanda calling from go daddy hosting at (480) 505-8712
to say we sent you an email regarding your hosting account
recipient keep X dot in for which requires your attention. Thank you.

As this is not the first such call I have had from them I waited until I got home to deal with it.

It appears that the cache had built up to the point of impacting performance, again.

So they simply blocked access to my hosting account.

The first call had the following logic problem

We cannot allow you access to your account until the cache is deleted

But I cannot delete the cache without access to the account

We cannot allow you access to your account until the cache is deleted


As you can see, this loop has no end and the first support rep was adamant that I needed to delete the files before they would unlock the domain.

The second guy was better, he wanted to create an archive of all of the files that were in the problem folders for me.

this would take a few minutes.

a couple of hours elapsed and I got hold of an exceptionally feisty young man that basically called me a liar and suggested that I needed a dedicated server

Finally I got hold of a much more sensible person called ‘Jared’ that was able to tell me what the files were and to get the ones that I no longer needed, deleted.

i am now waiting for the site to come back and/or more logic errors – I am not sure which will happen though….

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